About Michael

I am available for Counselling, Specialties are in Family, Alcohol & Drug, Eating Disorders, Dual Diagnosis, Family & Individual Counselling. I work within a combination of Intuitive and recognised Counselling Techniques. Qualifications: C.A.C. affiliated with NAADAC USA

Spiritual Guidance

Intuitive Counselling and Reading

Public Speaking, "Finding the Love and Peace Within"

After both working with Nicole, and having many discussions with her, I have found her to be not only very Gifted, but to have unique insights and Gifts, which can only be attributed to the Guidance of the Divine Power. It is a Blessing for me to have Nicole as both a trusted Partner in my work and personal life
About Nicole

Nicole is available for Intuitive Readings, Mediumship, Energy Healing, Shamanic Medicine Drum Healing. 

Nicole is one who is gifted with wonderful Insight & Intuition, which can only be described as having been gifted to her from the Divine Power, and from the Human Perspective, all of the external Training available, could not provide her with these Gifts without Divine intervention. I have learned much from her. Michael
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